I bet their parents are going to be very upset when they see this picture on the internet!

This Broke MY heart. Does it do anything to yours?




How unfortunate for those little three little munchins. 

Peeking in to see the t.v.
… but in reality, peeking in to the Modern World,

Where machines have been crafted ever so curiously to assist in our needs.

Our convenience. Our pleasures.

How terribly sorry would’t you say?


How sorry that the operating system that they were unwillingly brought up in,

discourages them to think differently.

Ask Yourself,
What’s holding you back? 


Utterly & Absolutely Insignificant


I can count on my little colombian fingers the times I have felt this supernatural chill.

This sensational & overwhelming feeling of awe & wonder.


If you want to experience this then hit play & just lay in bed. 

Meditate on the words & allow yourself to journey into this cosmic awareness.









umm yeaa


America should invade America and win the hearts of the American people

buy building highways and fixing roads and forming a stronger educational system.

yeaaaa, that’d be great.

But always remember.. those hemp lovin heros set it all up so strategically.

it’s the fasly lead that continue to screw it up.


 oh please tell you pay paid attention to the small detail on bottom left..

I honestly don’t care what you may believe in, what G you pray to or what month you fast on.

Keep that shit at home. People like you do NOT need to writing a curriculum for a science class.

Evolution is a fact, or as we like to say here in Murica, a TRUE fact.. lol

SOOooOOoOoOO go get educated, ya brah, yeaaa!

Game Of Thrones

This HBO series is provocative and alluring.. but is this new series really worth getting sucked into? Is it that captivating?

Well.. see for yourself. Here is a short video that teases you; introducing the plot, dynamic characters and majestic locations.

This series was introduced in 1996 by the talented American writer, George R. R. Martin. Publishing five books and working on the sixth, he has done a tremendous job taking you through many journeys along side Kings, Lords, Outsiders, and Dragons. This is such a different story and it is like something I have never seen before. There are so many references that have enticed me to google search and really try to understand either terms, references, or history.


If you have been following my Blog for a while.. you know I am a crazy dog lady -lol.. but really.. so I was curious about two things: “Puppy Milk” and “Dire Wolves”

Turns out that the milk of the puppy.. is not actually puppy milk lol I was a bit worried so I decided to investigate.. and that is when I found this. Now, I thought that was pretty cool but the accents, tricky trickkkyy ;) it is actually Poppie Milk but it sounds like, well ya know.. puppies!

Another fun FAct -and this is for my geekier fans. Is the Dire Wolf & this absolutely fascinated me. How beautiful is evolution, carbon dating, and extinction?

 Well read for yourself.. I can’t do everything sheashhh. OH, and click on the Bold words up there^

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