I bet their parents are going to be very upset when they see this picture on the internet!

This Broke MY heart. Does it do anything to yours?




How unfortunate for those little three little munchins. 

Peeking in to see the t.v.
… but in reality, peeking in to the Modern World,

Where machines have been crafted ever so curiously to assist in our needs.

Our convenience. Our pleasures.

How terribly sorry would’t you say?


How sorry that the operating system that they were unwillingly brought up in,

discourages them to think differently.

Ask Yourself,
What’s holding you back? 


Don’t think outside the box..



Eliminate standards and norms. You are an incredible being, you are the Universe with immense potential.

Don’t praise celebrities, athletes, movie stars.. don’t take away your splendor.

When you obsess over what the media wants you to, you steal your own light. You succumb to their fucked up plan on how to control the masses.


Love yourself & tap into what you can & will create.

The media distorts beauty, they set up this illusion of what is “Normal” & place a shame, some kind of guilt over things they have no control over..

Assume control.

This is YOUR life. This is all you know, this is all you will ever know.

Create beauty, what every you may deem as beautiful… & encourage others to do the same :)

I support this artist because he uses WordPress… & his work is dope!

 Johnson Tsang




Athanasius Kircher.

Let us take a moment here to recognize Athanasius Kircher.

Holy Toledo. The guy was a badass. Born in Germany in 1601 he was far ahead of his time, a man aware and in relationship with the Orbital force that we are experiencing.

He is most accredited for his diagrams, each displaying his understanding in such a creative way so here is a couple!


Ars magna lucis et umbrae. Rome, 1646.

This is a Sundial that chimes every hour.

The sun’s rays are focused by a glass sphere to ignite small gunpowder charges, which trigger hammers on bells at each hour of daylight

Mine. Min. Mine.


I need to know where I can find this, or track down a Gypsie and trade her something for it.

Oh but back to Athanasius Kircher.


This image shows the interconnectedness of fire inside the earth, featured in Mundus Subterrane



I attached a larger version so you could see the detail.

Did you notice the angels- the ones that look so similar to us, humans?

This image showing the interconnectedness of water inside the earth, featured in Mundus Subterraneus.

true dat

Teach a man the Truth and he thinks for a day,

Show him how to seek the Truth and he will think for a lifetime.Image