Don’t think outside the box..



Eliminate standards and norms. You are an incredible being, you are the Universe with immense potential.

Don’t praise celebrities, athletes, movie stars.. don’t take away your splendor.

When you obsess over what the media wants you to, you steal your own light. You succumb to their fucked up plan on how to control the masses.


Love yourself & tap into what you can & will create.

The media distorts beauty, they set up this illusion of what is “Normal” & place a shame, some kind of guilt over things they have no control over..

Assume control.

This is YOUR life. This is all you know, this is all you will ever know.

Create beauty, what every you may deem as beautiful… & encourage others to do the same :)

I support this artist because he uses WordPress… & his work is dope!

 Johnson Tsang




Neil Gaiman

Go pick up one of this books, or search for an audiobook on YouTube.

His stories will take you to such a beautiful place. His fantasy is so compelling. 




^One of my favorites :) 

summed up in a couple lines.


If you are living in the past you are depressed, living in the future you are anxious.. but if you are in the moment, you are happy.

The here and now is all you have control of.

Don’t lose control because when things seem out of its element,

then you allow chaos to consume you.

Choose happiness.

Choose love.

Love and Appreciation for all mankind.