let us fast forward a couple decades.



She is perfect. 

She is old seasoned.

She is funny.

She is me.. in the Future.




-now let us take the time to acknowledge the fact that THIS ^^^^ image was in my folder “Inspiration” 




i’mmmma be a G.I.L.F.


The Truth Has Been Spoken. Spooky..



Hahah that sucks, so bad.

I don’t wanna get olllllddddd.


ohhkay, here it goes.

Those deep thoughts are forming & I just wanna share.

I grabbed a really delish beer ( Revolver Blood and Honey) today and we discussed old age.

It was an interesting topic.

Now that I am an “adult” or whatever I feel like I can adequately contribute to this lol…

The conversation started with… “we shift forms and we evolve into different beings, your atoms wave from one shape into another”

But your mind.. your spirit?

What happens there?

Your body gets old and fragile and weak and wears down.. but your mind, it only develops. It evolves and It blossoms.

I volunteered at a soup kitchen in Huntsville, Texas my sophomore year of college for a while.

Yes, Huntsville- where the penitentiary is.

SO just take a moment to imagine the “locals” lol

& when I was there I sort of reflected on the people that came for help.

Human Beings.


Creatures so similar to you, to me..

I asked myself why?

Why did their lives turn in the direction of failure? Why did they waste a life that could have impacted many? Why did they chose ignorance and mediocracy?

If we all have two arms, a brain, eyes, vocals and the ability to reason… how did this happen? How did they get there?


How does this make you feel?

A waste of a life.. a beautiful blend of atoms that could have been something so wonderful..

& in their own way they are, you see although their life wasn’t what I perceive as “great” they still contributed to society one way or another.

If it was only the contribution for my reflection then that was all that mattered.

Because I am here reflecting with you, challenging you, enticing you.. to be something.


Don’t you let this life go to waste, don’t you lose focus of the immense potential you have.

Socrates credits his enlightenments to his Daemon.

What exactly is that?

The God that lives within.

Your supreme self that guides you in unraveling all that you need to know.

“You are the Universe experiencing itself as a human being for a short period of time”

Live your life, and live a good one.

There aren’t any second chances.

& If you don’t follow the folly of an “afterlife” lol then you must make something of what you only know, which is the Now.





umm yeaa


America should invade America and win the hearts of the American people

buy building highways and fixing roads and forming a stronger educational system.

yeaaaa, that’d be great.

But always remember.. those hemp lovin heros set it all up so strategically.

it’s the fasly lead that continue to screw it up.


 oh please tell you pay paid attention to the small detail on bottom left..

I honestly don’t care what you may believe in, what G you pray to or what month you fast on.

Keep that shit at home. People like you do NOT need to writing a curriculum for a science class.

Evolution is a fact, or as we like to say here in Murica, a TRUE fact.. lol

SOOooOOoOoOO go get educated, ya brah, yeaaa!