umm yeaa


America should invade America and win the hearts of the American people

buy building highways and fixing roads and forming a stronger educational system.

yeaaaa, that’d be great.

But always remember.. those hemp lovin heros set it all up so strategically.

it’s the fasly lead that continue to screw it up.


 oh please tell you pay paid attention to the small detail on bottom left..

I honestly don’t care what you may believe in, what G you pray to or what month you fast on.

Keep that shit at home. People like you do NOT need to writing a curriculum for a science class.

Evolution is a fact, or as we like to say here in Murica, a TRUE fact.. lol

SOOooOOoOoOO go get educated, ya brah, yeaaa!


Athanasius Kircher.

Let us take a moment here to recognize Athanasius Kircher.

Holy Toledo. The guy was a badass. Born in Germany in 1601 he was far ahead of his time, a man aware and in relationship with the Orbital force that we are experiencing.

He is most accredited for his diagrams, each displaying his understanding in such a creative way so here is a couple!


Ars magna lucis et umbrae. Rome, 1646.

This is a Sundial that chimes every hour.

The sun’s rays are focused by a glass sphere to ignite small gunpowder charges, which trigger hammers on bells at each hour of daylight

Mine. Min. Mine.


I need to know where I can find this, or track down a Gypsie and trade her something for it.

Oh but back to Athanasius Kircher.


This image shows the interconnectedness of fire inside the earth, featured in Mundus Subterrane



I attached a larger version so you could see the detail.

Did you notice the angels- the ones that look so similar to us, humans?

This image showing the interconnectedness of water inside the earth, featured in Mundus Subterraneus.