I leave for a week tomorrow, flying to Miami & I am going to miss my pup :(



I’m keeping this body tight for a WHILE. But here, let me take you through my illusions of babies in a couple memes…


^ spawn of satan.

baby chuckie.. if he’s a red head. aww that would be so cute… the red hair part.


But if i have twins and the weak one isn’t devoured in the womb, then I fear this may happen.




Or if I have a shitty sitter..





then my child turns out like this







But to be honest, that would never happen because my little nugget will look more like this:






You can call it puppy love <3


How sweet, baby I want you to love me long tiiime.

So let’s avoid these kinds of foods:Image

So you can protect me foevaa


What is Afterlife?

So what happens now? Will we ever meet again?

So many questions so many uncertainties.. I wish I had an answer, I wish I knew what came next.


You were a part of me, I am a part of you. We are connected through the stars and the universe and every bit of energy that radiated through you, I felt even a million miles away.

This is what keeps me going. This is what will help me to fight on. Energy can not be created nor destroyed and I feel your presence, your grace surrounding me.

My little Colombian firecracker, you will be missed. Every day.

Rest in Peace my darling Angel.