Oct 2nd



Yep.. it’s that time of year again. 




Realizing this makes me kind of regret those 3 biscuits and 2 toaster strudels I basically made love to..

but I was so happy when I was eating them….


Who am I anymore?

When did I start getting so much pleasure from food?




Am I even in control?



This scares me. 




Because being a girl -in the month of October means “looking all cute for halloween”


So this is all I will allow myself to eat.

Two atoms of Hydrogen & 1 atom of Oxygen.




Eating clean, I usually do.. but I must remind myself




^ lol



But really, this costume stuff.

 I just wanna be Pizza


Vampire Diaries


I really.. really, REALLY can not wait for this season.


I am not a tv watcher but there are like a handful of shows I will watch..

Vamp Diaries, Workaholics, Game of Thrones, Brain Games, Big Bang Theory.. yep that’s about it.

BUT i’ve got some news for you viewers. 


My vampire friends and I will are starting a Youtube Channel.

We will post weekly, on the day that V.D. airs. I mean duh.


They will be cute, so stay tuuuned.