Can you imagine the blow to self-esteem when you are the object of desire, being made to feel undesirable?

I bet their parents are going to be very upset when they see this picture on the internet!

This Broke MY heart. Does it do anything to yours?




How unfortunate for those little three little munchins. 

Peeking in to see the t.v.
… but in reality, peeking in to the Modern World,

Where machines have been crafted ever so curiously to assist in our needs.

Our convenience. Our pleasures.

How terribly sorry would’t you say?


How sorry that the operating system that they were unwillingly brought up in,

discourages them to think differently.

Ask Yourself,
What’s holding you back? 


omg.. more trippy stuff hahah

If you are induced then you’ll have a ball.


On this site you can choose whatever flash animation catches your interest.


This one is trippy and interactive, so enjoy!


Now for this one.. I want you to hit play on the Track below.. then go to the website & just watch & be mindblown.