omg.. more trippy stuff hahah

If you are induced then you’ll have a ball.


On this site you can choose whatever flash animation catches your interest.


This one is trippy and interactive, so enjoy!


Now for this one.. I want you to hit play on the Track below.. then go to the website & just watch & be mindblown.



This is so freaking strange haha if you’re into weird stuff.. this is right down your ally.

“In our dreams, lie childish figures, random shapes and half remembered memories. Each one is different yet somehow the same.”



Dim your lights, accept access to your Web cam and go on that journey…


Don’t think outside the box..



Eliminate standards and norms. You are an incredible being, you are the Universe with immense potential.

Don’t praise celebrities, athletes, movie stars.. don’t take away your splendor.

When you obsess over what the media wants you to, you steal your own light. You succumb to their fucked up plan on how to control the masses.


Love yourself & tap into what you can & will create.

The media distorts beauty, they set up this illusion of what is “Normal” & place a shame, some kind of guilt over things they have no control over..

Assume control.

This is YOUR life. This is all you know, this is all you will ever know.

Create beauty, what every you may deem as beautiful… & encourage others to do the same :)

I support this artist because he uses WordPress… & his work is dope!

 Johnson Tsang