It’s been so strange trying to adjust, but the dreams are even weirder. Although you aren’t here, I feel your presence. I feel your vibe. I think of you every single day.. and when I do, I transmit the best of thoughts. I think of the happiest moments we shared and I only see your smiling face. I try to image what you do throughout the day and how silly you probably behave. It makes me smile, it makes me REALLY smile. You see even though you aren’t here.. I still feel you. Your aura will forever radiate into my soul. You will always bring me happiness. The thought, the illusion, the idea that you will be a part of my future brings me joy. Thank you, thank you for that.. for bringing me happiness despite your absence. Would it be strange if I told you that I feel you here every time your gorgeous face fills my thoughts? Would it be wrong for me to yearn your breath filling my lungs as I gasp for more? The way I vibrate when I honor the grace of your being.. I love the way that makes me feel. I am alive. Thank you. The emotions are so raw, it is such a rush. The thoughts are so pure, it is so humbling. 
Here I am, here i’ve been, here i’ll be. Always rooting for your evolvement, always in favor of your growth. Every bit of the universe that made the being that you are… is also in me. I’ve learned to understand that everything connects with everything else. You and I, we were one and that experience will indisputably live forever.
I don’t owe you an explanation and I don’t want one from you.This is our lives that we are figuring out. These are the moments we are building upon. Live every chance you get and always remember I will adore the you, that you are. The one that swept me off the dance floor once upon a time. I admire the courageous man you are becoming, I can feel your energy manifesting into something glorious. You are so special and it was an honor that you graced my path. The short period of time that I experience this illusion as myself was that much better thanks to your contribution. Thank you. 
I will always love you.

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